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User manual updates

Update sections on:
1) --user= command-line option (several divers using one desktop computer)
2) AV1 and DL7 imports

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  • Documentation/user-manual.txt

    r208f4f2 rc084887  
    44// Linus Torvalds, Miika Turkia, Amit Chaudhuri, Jan Schubert, Willem
    55// Ferguson, Salvador Cuñat, Pedro Neves
    6 // :revnumber: 4.5
    7 // :revdate: October 2015
     6// :revnumber: 4.6
     7// :revdate: January 2017
    1919Linus Torvalds, Miika Turkia, Amit Chaudhuri, Jan Schubert, Salvador Cuñat, Pedro Neves
    21 [blue]#_Version 4.5, October 2015_#
     21[blue]#_Version 4.6, January 2017_#
    2423Welcome as a user of _Subsurface_, an advanced dive logging program with
    2928 - Do you need a flexible way of logging dives using recreational equipment,
    3029   even without a dive computer?
     30 - Do you wish to seamlessly include GPS locations of dive sites into your dive log?
    3131 - Do you use two different dive computer brands, each with its own proprietary
    3232   software for downloading dive logs? Do you dive with rebreathers as well
    3636   equipment, storing and analyzing the dive logs within a unified system.
    3737 - Do you use more than one operating system? _Subsurface_ is fully compatible
    38    with Mac, Linux and Windows, letting you access your dive log on each
    39    operating system using a single application.
    40  - Do you use Linux or Mac, but your dive computer has only Windows- based software
    41    for downloading dive information (e.g. Mares)? _Subsurface_ provides a way of
     38   with Mac, Linux and Windows, letting you access your dive log on a range of
     39   operating systems using a single application.
     40 - Do you use Linux or Mac, but your dive computer has only Windows-based software
     41   for downloading dive information (e.g. Mares or Scubapro)? _Subsurface_ provides a way of
    4242   downloading and analyzing your dive logs on other operating systems.
    4343 - Do you need an intuitive graphical dive planner that integrates with, and takes
    4545 - Do you need a way of storing or backing up your dive log on the Internet, letting
    4646   you view your dive log from anywhere using an Internet browser?
     47 - Do you wish to access or modify your dive log using a mobile phone?
    4749_Subsurface_ binaries are available for Windows PCs (Win XP or later), Intel
    4850based Macs (OS/X) and many Linux distributions. _Subsurface_ can be built for
    993995 - XML-formatted dive logs (DivingLog 5.0, MacDive and several other dive log systems)
    994996 - Cochran dive logs
    995  - UDDF-formatted dive logs (e.g. Kenozoooid)
     997 - UDDF-formatted dive logs (e.g. Kenozooid)
    996998 - UDCF-formatted dive logs
    997999 - Poseidon MkVI CCR logs
    10021004 - JDiveLog
    10031005 - Suunto Dive Manager (DM3, DM4, DM5)
     1006 - DL7 files used by Diver's Alert network (DAN)
     1007 - Underwater technologies AV1 dive logs
    10041008 - CSV (text-based and spreadsheet-based) dive logs, including APD CCR logs
    10841088===== Importing dives in CSV format from dive computers or other dive log software
    1086  _CSV_ files can be viewed using an ordinary text editor. A _CSV_ file is normally organized into
     1090_CSV_ files can be viewed using an ordinary text editor. A _CSV_ file is normally organized into
    10871091a single line that provides the headers (or _field names_ or _column headings_) of the data
    10881092columns, followed by the data, one record per line.
    30093013process could be used for the Cloud-based storage of dive logs.
     3015== Several _Subsurface_ users on one desktop computer
     3016A frequent need is for two or more persons to use _Subsurface_ on the same desktop computer. For instance
     3017members of a household may use the same computer. There are two approaches for doing this.
     3019*A)* If the different users of a desktop computer do not log onto the desktop/laptop under different user names
     3020  then the simplest way is for each person to use her/his own divelog file within Subsurface. In this case John
     3021  would work with the _Subsurface_ file _johns-divelog_ and Joan would use _joans-divelog_. Select
     3022  the appropriate dive log by selecting, from the *Main Menu*, _File -> Open logbook_ and then select your own
     3023  dive log file from the list of files lower down in the menu. However, a problem arises if the users
     3024  prefer different settings for _Subsurface_. For instance, one diver may prefer to see the dive ceiling in the
     3025  *Profile Panel* and photos icons in the *Dive List*, while the other may not have these preferences. In addition,
     3026  the cloud connection is normally unique for each _Subsurface_ installation and if more than one user wishes to save
     3027  dive data on the cloud, it is inconvenient to open the *Preferences* and change the user-ID data every time
     3028  the cloud is accessed. To solve these problems, launch _Subsurface_ with a _--user=<user name>_ command-line option.
     3029  John can then activate _Subsurface_ with this command-line instruction:
     3031        subsurface --user=John
     3033while Joan can launch _Subsurface_ using:
     3035        subsurface --user=Joan
     3037In this case, each user's preferences, settings and cloud access information are stored separately, allowing
     3038  each diver to interact with _Subsurface_ in her/his preferred way and with individual cloud access. The above
     3039  process can be made user-friendly by creating a link/shortcut with a desktop icon that executes the above
     3040  command-line instruction. Use of the _--user=_ option therefore enables each user to create, maintain and
     3041  backup a separate dive log within a personalised user interface. This way, when each diver launches _Subsurface_,
     3042  it opens with the correct dive log as well as the appropriate display and backup preferences, and each diver
     3043  can access their own divelog on a mobile device using[_Subsurface-Mobile_].
     3045*B)* On the other hand, if the users log onto the same computer using different userIDs and passwords (i.e. users each
     3046have a separate user space), _Subsurface_ is available independently to each user and every diver automatically has a separate
     3047user profile and settings, including unique cloud and _Subsurface-Mobile_ access.
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