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#975 Mac OS interface blocked at startup after importing from old version new defect blocker Qt-UI 4.5.1 19 months csteinbeck

After migrating to 4.5.1 from last January version (whatever that was), I am confronted with two dialogs at startup that seem to block each other. Clicking on ok or trying to red-button-close the foreground dialog does nothing. Interface block and no way to move other than killing the application.

#1069 Merging Subsurface-mobile and Desktop fails and looses data new defect blocker Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) 4.5.6 13 months miika

All right, so I tested this feature, and I must report that it did not work at all (or at least not as I expected). Let me explain. I was on a boat for 3 days, with no cell phone reception and my phone on airplane mode. At each site, I created a dive log manually, entering some notes in the "notes" field in addition to providing the name of the site, nothing else. The idea was that I would later download my dive computer logs on the desktop and somehow manually merge my notes to the dive computer data. When back on land after the trip, I switched my phone back to its regular mode. I did not check Subsurface on my phone until tonight, where I discovered that my notes were completely garbled (bizarre characters instead of my brief notes) and useless. Then a few minutes later, after the sync with the cloud happened, all these manually created (and useless) logs disappeared, my dive list being restored to the cloud version I had left with. Clearly I did not understand how the manual entry of a log within Subsurface Android is supposed to work, or something is not working well.

Mac OS X 10.9.5 Subsurface 4.5.5 Android 4.4.4 Subsurface Mobile 1.0.3 Shearwater Predator & Petrel


Priority: critical (4 matches)

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#796 Corrupted profile after second DC import new defect critical Qt-UI 4.3 3 years longjohnsilver

I have a dive logged with a Galileo sol and a xdeep black Bottom timers.

1) I downloaded Galileo data 2) I filled all the relevant info as gas used, tanks, pressures, gas switches.... 3) everything is fine. 4) I import xdeep data 5) I lost gas switches and gas used.

I was expecting to find that the same gas switches and gas I have on a profile are copied on the other.

I attach:

  • two screenshots before/after
  • two xml in subsurface format before/after
  • xdeep UDDF file with the offending dive

Comparing subsurface xml before/after I found that after importing xdeep profile I have:

<cylinder description='Air' start='218.25 bar' end='83.75 bar' />

Before adding the new dc profile, the start/end pressure were calculated (and correctly displayed) by galileo stored pressure samples.

A modified sample with a misterious "sensor 3" parameter:

<sample time='0:12 min' depth='4.98 m' temp='18.4 C' pressure='218.25
bar' sensor='3' />

BTW the new computer added also this:

<notes>" "</notes>
#834 Gas switches and tank bar graph broken after tanks copy-paste new defect critical Qt-UI 4.4.1 2 years longjohnsilver

Deleting an unused tank corrupt tank bar graph and gaschange event logic.

I deleted a tank from the equipment tab and gaschange events were not updated with new cylinder number.

Looking at my other dives, cylinder numbers are zero based but my dive has:

<cylinder size='17.0 l' workpressure='232.0 bar' description='D8.5

232 bar' o2='16.0%' he='60.0%' start='230.0 bar' end='160.0 bar' />

<cylinder size='5.547 l' workpressure='206.843 bar'

description='AL40' o2='100.0%' start='200.0 bar' end='170.0 bar' />

<cylinder size='7.0 l' workpressure='200.0 bar' description='ALU7'

o2='50.0%' he='20.0%' start='200.0 bar' end='160.0 bar' />

And gaschange events are:

<event time='67:00 min' type='11' value='50' name='gaschange' cylinder='3' o2='50.0%' /> <event time='111:29 min' type='11' value='100' name='gaschange' cylinder='2' o2='100.0%' />

After deleting a cylinder 50% should be cylinder 2 and 100% cylinder 1.

I found this bug after being stuck with


When I opened again SSRF I found a phantom air cylinder.

Attached a XML which shows the problem.

#1071 QML UI - dives get deleted when add dive is aborted new defect critical Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 13 months DirkHH

Something is going horribly wrong when we identify which dive to delete

"I have a number of dives uploaded to the cloud. When I'm adding a dive on the mobile app and swipe the screen up, the latest dive I added from my desktop is deleted. I hope this makes it more clear."


#1112 SAC calculation broken new task critical Other current git - add SHA in description 6 months atdotde


contains dives that are designed to have a SAC of 20l/min. But current master only computes 18.5l/min!

Priority: major (14 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Component Version Modified Reporter
#106 Enhanced CCR functionality new enhancement major Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 3 years dmainou

I'd like to have the ability to get reminders to do certain things such as:

More critical

  1. Change the sorb every X number of minutes of dive time since we already have that info it should be easy to calculate this. (this is the simple version could get complex for those going really deep or those attempting to push how much remaining dive time before they need to change the sorb)
  2. Change a cell (minimum of 3) every X number of months
  3. Change other parts every X number of months(one way flap valves, o-rings, general service)


  1. Mark a dive as a CCR Dive
  2. Ability to total up ccr minutes.

This would aim to minimise the risk of Hypercapnia related to a lack of sorb replacement or failed one way valves as well as hyperoxia or hypoxia as a result of old cells.

In memory of Jan


Ps. We may never know what actually happened to him but we may help prevent other incidents by providing people with easy to use tools to keep track of the service requirements of their unit.

#586 heading information clutters dive plot reopened enhancement major Qt-UI 4.1 6 months karent

I got myself a new dive computer which is xdeep black EAN. It connects with PC via USB and is able to export data in UDDF so getting dives imported to Subsurface is very straightforward. It also has an integrated electronic compass so every waypoint contains heading information. These data are not correctly parsed by Subsurface as it treats each such data as an event and marks it on the plot (see attached screenshot) There is a need to add a separate graph for heading (how it should look like is open to discussion) or to ignore heading information for now.

#810 Veo 250 cannot download all dives, only most recent new defect major Divecomputer Download 4.3 2 years drinksfromtap

I have tried to download all the dives from an Oceanic Veo 250 into subsurface "import from dive computer" feature. I have tried with the "force download of all dives" box checked and unchecked, but in either case only get the one most recent dive downloaded. I have used this cable and computer together with the manufacturer's software (Oceanlog 2.4.6) and have been able to download dives normally (i.e. I don't think there' s a problem with my computer/cable). I'm running Subsurface on Windows 7 SP1.

#843 Bug while adding coordinates via companion app new defect major Qt-UI 4.4.1 2 years longjohnsilver

Win7 64 bit

How to recreate the problem

  1. I add a dive via uuddf file
  2. I add coordinates via companion app.

First problem: there are no visible coordinates on the coordinates textbox. It's justa refresh problem because if a switch dive and come back, GPS fixes are there.

Second problem: the map has moved but there is no flag on the map.

3 I add some other field (in my test I simply rate the dive): the dive goes into EDIT mode and it ask my to enter the dive position on the map (actually it's already there). 4 I save the dive and finally the dive flag appear on the map.

This is very confusing for new users.

A screencast of the above sequence:


#874 Merging produces wrong profile new defect major Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 21 months Poltsi

These are a couple of dives that I downloaded from a (rEvo-)Shearwater, the DC was reset due to battery change so it had the wrong date.

When merging, the first (small dip) gets interlaced into the longer dive, although this should not be possible when the dives do not in any form overlap each other. From the xml-file:

  1. dive:

dive number='1' date='1970-01-01' time='00:58:01' duration='1:50 min' The last sample is 2:40min, which means that it is at 01:00:41.

  1. dive:

dive number='2' date='1970-01-01' time='01:02:44' duration='55:30 min'

So there is a 3s difference between the last sample of the first dive, and the beginning of the second dive. The first sample of the second dive is 13s later.

When merged, Subsurface only displays the first dive, but when you save the merged dive, the xml-file contains samples of both dives, but interlaced and clearly out of

Another thing to note is that when viewing the unmerged dives (#2), the list displays correctly the date (Thu 1 Jan, 1970 1:02 AM), but the Notes-tab shows (for me at least) Sun Feb 2016 07:31 AM.

Platform: Fedora 22 Linux 22beta, 64bit

$ install-root/bin/subsurface --version Subsurface v4.4.1-494-g0e78915c7e28, built with libdivecomputer v0.5.0-devel-Subsurface-testing (42ef8920fdd29d8966dd3a0bfb6c346b799dc83f)

#973 finish dive site handling UI new enhancement major Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 19 months DirkHH

a view where you can browse a list of all the dive sites in the currently open divelog. In this view you could view/edit/merge/add/remove dive sites

#980 OSTC3 bluetooth connection error new defect major Divecomputer Download 4.5.3 19 months felix

I have recently purchased an OSTC3 and I am now trying to download my dives to Subsurface, installed on my Mac with OSX 10.10.5 Whenever I try to import the dives from the device, I get an error message. I have paired the devices and BT is switched on on both. OSTC Companion has no problem contacting the OSTC3 (I have already updated the firmware) so I doubt it's an issue with the dive computer. Thanks for any advice.

#1050 keyboard shift up new defect major Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 15 months DirkHH

try harder to notice when Qt already shifts up... happens both on iOS and Android, but more commonly on iOS. Maybe we can detect the change in height or something?

this is in Kirigami

#1064 CCR mode not recognised when importing IX3M Reb data new defect major Divecomputer Download 4.5.6 14 months Exswede

Hi, As I have just downloaded my first dives from my new IX3M.

I found that Subsurface does not recognise CCR mode when importing IX3M Reb data.

I have attached a zip file

  • With 4 pictures showing the screen on the dive computer, dive 43 OC, 44-46 CCR.
  • Test-1 Ratio upload.ssrf, with just these 4 dives
  • subsurface-Ratio dives.txt import logfile

On windows 7, running latest firmware (APOS 3.1.5/009) on the IX3M

#1067 Prevent overwriting import file on accident new defect major Qt-UI 4.5.6 13 months miika

E.g. when importing Shearwater or Suunto DB, saving the file (ctrl-s) overwrites the original file with SSRF XML without any confirmation/nagging.

#1068 OSTC Sport new defect major Mac Support 4.5.6 13 months Cathie

Bonjour, Je ne peux pas télécharger les plongées depuis mon OSTC Sport. J'ai le message "impossible d'ouvrir...". Par contre, j'arrive à lire l'ordinateur depuis "configurer l'ordinateur". Dans l'attente, Cordialement, Catherine BURTHERT

#1080 Edit location on map is boken new defect major Qt-UI 4.5.6 12 months abubbler

When using RMB to edit the position of a dive site on the map, the edit mode does not end after double-click, and the list of dive sites is grayed out. The flag is move to a new position, however.

#1093 tank pressure graph wrong for 300bar new defect major Planner current git - add SHA in description 10 months srebro

When using 300 bar cylinders in dive planner, the tank pressure graph is wrong (not using real gas corrections).

to reproduce, simply plan a dive with a 200 bar cylinder, then switch to 300 bar.

#1108 When re-editing planned dive VPM-B Conservatism level is set to default new defect major Planner current git - add SHA in description 7 months sfuchs

When re-editing a planned dive in the planner after restarting the tool, the VPM-B Conservatism level is set to default value.

It would be great if VPM-B Conservatism level can be saved to logbook file and loaded again into the planner when re-editing a planned dive.

4.6 beta 1

Priority: minor (80 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Component Version Modified Reporter
#92 Uwatec SmartCom: only downloads _every_ dive new enhancement minor Divecomputer Download current git - add SHA in description 4 years fhuberts

I can't download the new dives only.

#100 Manual addition of gas pressures new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 4 years iainmsmith@…

In the development version it is possible to add gas switches by clicking on the profile. Could the pop-up window also ask for "end pressure" of the previous cylinder and "start pressure" of the next (perhaps optionally, as is done with the cylinder contents information when setting up the dive).

This would be useful for logging gas consumption on staged cave dives, where cylinders are likely to be switched onto and off twice in the dive.

#124 Dive profile comparison new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 4 years paneves

Allow superimposing two depth/time profiles for comparison purposes

#132 Search for dive location new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 4 years henrik

When setting a location for a dive, it's not always to know exactly where it is. So, a google maps search for locations would be great.

#165 Write depth into EXIF-data or XMP-file of pictures new enhancement minor Other current git - add SHA in description 11 months ThomasM

GPS logger and eg. Subsurface companion provide position data to geotag (underwater) pictures. Some software doing this adds automatically the altitude (mostely above sea level). Data retrieved from a DC can provide (approximate) depth information if the time from the DC is provided. When depth is available it can be used eg to automate post picture processing or check in which depth range frogfishes have been spotted.

First step can be providing a list containing dives' timestamp and depth. This data can be matched manually (probably a pain in the *s on the long term - yes, subsurfaces XML-file could be parsed manually, too..)

Better solution would be merging the depth with the pictures automatically into exif:GPSAltitudeRef and exif:GPSAltitude.

For JPG into the pictures EXIF fields, for RAW in the respective fields of the XMP-File:

<exif:GPSAltitude>290/10</exif:GPSAltitude> <exif:GPSAltitudeRef>1</exif:GPSAltitudeRef> <exif:GPSLatitude>11,18.808700N</exif:GPSLatitude> <exif:GPSLongitude>124,11.689000E</exif:GPSLongitude> <exif:GPSMapDatum>WGS-84</exif:GPSMapDatum> <exif:GPSSpeed>0/1</exif:GPSSpeed> <exif:GPSSpeedRef>K</exif:GPSSpeedRef> <exif:GPSTimeStamp>20xx-xx-xxT22:41:21Z</exif:GPSTimeStamp> <exif:GPSVersionID></exif:GPSVersionID>

(postion of a boat while waiting for tresher sharks @29m)

Would be nice to have this feature in a later 4.x-release.

#194 support dive log formats from the uwatec/scubapro LogTRAK, SmartTRAK and J-TRAK programs new enhancement minor File Import from other dive log current git - add SHA in description 3 years calestyo


Given the widespread from the UWATEC Aladin computers and also the others from Scubapro, which use the LogTRAK, SmartTRAK and J-TRAK programs:

http://www.scubapro.com/en-GB/FRA/instruments/computers/products/logtrak.aspx http://www.scubapro.com/en-GB/FRA/instruments/computers/products/smarttrak.aspx http://www.scubapro.com/en-GB/FRA/instruments/computers/products/j-trak.aspx

Well at least some of them seem to be some awkward binary format...

Attached some samples.

#336 Mark dive as invalid new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 4 years hosch

After Dirk, on the mailing, said that the feature was forgotten... It would be helpful (for me) to have the possibility to mark dives as invalid.

Not badly needed but helpful, for later...

#406 naming default cylinders new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 6 months JensEns

Default tanks are named a bit inconsistently: e.g. "10L 232 bar" would be consistent with other tanks but is named "10.0 l". Or maybe I do not understand how to work this element properly. potentially one could have a config file for standard cylinders

#424 subsurface could support importing a GPX file for GPS data correlation new enhancement minor Other current git - add SHA in description 22 months marcmerlin

Since many apps record and save gps data as GPX, it would be great if the android app could import a GPX file as GPS data after the fact it its own service wasn't running.

#493 In API page, DELETE calls aren't accepted new defect minor Website 4.0.3 3 years Salvador

In api page http://api.hohndel.org/api/ , the explanation for dive deleting says: "This method only accepts DELETE calls."

Actually the accepted call is the POST call, so this line needs to be changed, and consequently the curl example below.

#519 Double-click on map does not always add coordinates to dives new defect minor Qt-UI 4.1 3 years Poltsi

Observed only on Windows, have not checked on Linux.

The double-clicking on the map is not working for most part.

How to reproduce:

  1. Select a dive
  2. Zoom&move on the map to a desired location, and doubleclick on the map

A slight variation is:

  1. Select a dive
  2. Click on the coordinates-field in dive notes so that you get the notification of the dive being edited
  3. Zoom&move on the map to a desired location, and doubleclick on the map

Either case is mostly resulting in a 'grabbing' of the map, but no coordinates added to the dive info. Noteworthy is that you get the green label 'Move the map and double-click to set the dive location' on the map.

A third variation, with same result, is when you edit a dive which is at a known location. In this case the result is no coordinates in the dive notes, but a popup dialog on the map with details of the location.

#558 Profile zoom & pan unnatural new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.1 3 years longjohnsilver

The profile zoom & pan function is really uncomfortable and weird. For a normal user is really unnatural. Just imagine if Google maps worked in this way... I use a lot this function because I have very long dive run-times > 2h. The biggest flaw is that you cannot center a point and moving there your mouse pointer. A classic google maps approach would be far better from user's experience POV.

#559 Undergarment field related to dry-suit new defect minor Qt-UI 4.1 3 years longjohnsilver

A strong emphasys is given on weight. This is the only field along tanks on the equipment tab. Actually I find it pretty useless if not directly related with the suit used. For dry-suit dives the undergarment used is fundamental for weight records. When I dive with a Santi BZ400 I add two kg than my usual polartech fleece. I see that I could fill the suit field with something like "neoprene 5mm" or "TLS350 - Thinsulate 400g" but I think that having a separate "undergarment" field would be useful to keep track and stats later of undergarments used on different location/period/dive suits. I dive 99% dry-suit on tech dives so undergarment record is paramount.

#707 cressi leonardo does not work on linux assigned defect minor Divecomputer Download 4.4 2 years dorchain

My cressi Leonardo is not recognised on Linux (connected as /dev/ttyUSB0) On the same Computer the same version of subsurface running under Windows7 imports data from (connected on com5)

#717 Positioning of water temperature graph on dive profile new defect minor Qt-UI 4.2 3 years jwhferguson

See the attached image. I get quite a number of cases where the temperature profile overlaps the dive profile in a way that obscures the profile in inconvenient ways. Ideally one would like to move the temperature graph lower down. Ideally one would like to calculation of the vertical positioning of the temperature graph to take into account the bottom of the profile as well as the position of the gas pressure graph underneath.

#719 tracked points in a tabular format new enhancement minor Website 3 years longjohnsilver

Right now a user can see his uploaded dives from companion app only trough the map.

Would be nice having a separate page to see dives on web server in a tabular format and not through the map. Sometimes when I'm in a remote place I need to check rapidly my dives and it's very heavy on gprs connection.

When I log with my ID I should see a list of dives with GPS data in a simple table and a link/button to go on the map view.

PS I hope "website" is the correct category.

#729 Cannot download Shearwater Petrel dive log new defect minor Divecomputer Download 4.2 3 years pathfinderlxxiv

Followed instructions in manual.

Can download into Shearwater Desktop, but not to Subsurface via Bluetooth.

#766 Divecomputer deviceid based on firmware version new defect minor Qt-UI 4.2 3 years glance

To look-up diuvecomputers, we use a deviceid which is a sha1 hash of devinfo->model, devinfo->firmware and serial.

This is a problem with for example HW's computers which on quite regular interval receives firmware updates, and thus the deviceid changes, and subsurface downloads all the dives from that computer after a firmware update.

#785 Progress dialog for export new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 3 years DirkHH

we definitely need this for UDDF, but it wouldn't hurt to have that in general (maybe only if more than 1 dive is exported?) Have the export in a separate thread and have the main thread show a progress UI, just like with the download from a dive computer.

AFTER 4.3 is released

#788 Dive planner: table headers wrong width new defect minor Qt-UI 4.2 2 years longjohnsilver

On Windows the dive planner points table initialize cutting all headers.

4.3 RC1

See attachment

#793 Display of photos on dives broken new defect minor Qt-UI 4.3 2 years jwhferguson

SHA g295b9897ce90 The display of photos on dives has been broken.

First issue: Less than half of the photos for a dive show on the profile. But all the photos show on the Photos tab. It is definitely not an issue of time synchronisation between camera and dive computer.

Second issue: Photos cannot be deleted from the photos tab. Normally this is done by clicking once on an image and then pressing the Delete keyboard key.

I have example dive and images if necessary.

#800 handling of edits is extremely inconsistent new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.3 2 years longjohnsilver

Quoting this discussion:


Today you can make changes in these places (I hope I didn't forget any)

1) Dive notes tab (date, time, location, divemaster, buddy, tags, notes)

(and once you entered edit mode, on a manually added dive, you can change the profile in the profile, but you can only start this process if you actually change some other field first - that's completely broken) Equipment tab (tanks and weights).

The moment you edit things in Dive notes or Equipment tab, this triggers "edit mode" and the "save / discard" functionality.

2) Right click on the profile (changing/adding/removing events, gas

changes, order of dive computers, delete dive computer

All of these take immediate effect

3) Double click on the globe window

Also takes immediate effect

4) Dive list (mostly changes to trip status, but also delete dives or shift

their times)

All of these take immediate effect

I think it would be fairly simple to switch to edit mode when making changes in the second and third case above. Not sure this can be reasonably done in the last one. Or we could do what other software does and not have this edit mode. So basically the moment you tab away from a field that edit is permanent. Only if you use ESC is an edit reverted.

I'll admit that I'd hate that, so I'd be more inclined to got with adding edit mode to 2) and 3) above.

#802 Location structure by reverse geocoding new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.3 2 years longjohnsilver

Following this discussion:


And specifically Rick Walsh suggestion:


We could easily solve the location structure affair getting country and place location structure on the fly starting from GPS position. We could use Marble to reverse geocoding lat/long coordinates.

We could have a check control in the preference dialog to:

"automatically expand location from GPS coordinates" (*)

Then an optional label could appear BEFORE the location text box giving further information on dive location. I will retain our beloved free location textbox giving the user the chance to describe it as he like.

Expanded location from reverse geocoding could be the saved as option tag in Subsurface XML being so compatible with previous versions.

(*) A more sophisticate UI in the preferences dialog could let the user choose among several location formats, e.g.

country country/place country/state/place

I'm not a cartographer...

For Italy I could choose a light approach like country/region so my current way to describe my location would still be valid:

Italy / Tuscany from geocoding Giglio Island - Le Scole my current way to descrive a dive location.

After this we are ready for statistics madness.

#808 Sorting rows and columns on cylinder table new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.3 2 years longjohnsilver

Give more flexibility on the equipment tab > cylinder table: I would like to be able to sort row/cylinder and swapping columns

Working pressure is useful only when picking up a cylinder but later is meaningless while the gas content is the most important.

I shoulb be able to display tanks in the order I used in my dive.

At least I would like having deco gas ordered by Oxygen content by default.

#813 pSCR features new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.3 6 months longjohnsilver
  • Plotting of O2 pressure graph coming from a sensor if available.
  • Plotting of estimated current O2 pressure via the ox drop formula.

The combination of the two graph is the heaven of a PSCR diver and IMHO would be king during training lessons to explain how these units work.

#815 Heart rate data and temerature overlap exactly new defect minor Qt-UI 4.3 2 years jwhferguson

The few last versions of Subsurface superimpose the heart rate graph totally over the temperature graph, not good for interpretability of the heart rate data.

#816 Shearwater Petrel download progress bar stops working new defect minor Divecomputer Download current git - add SHA in description 2 years henrik

The progress bar only works during the first couple of minutes. After that it stays at 0%.

Dirk says:

"That's strange. Looking at the shearwater_common_download() function in libdivecomputer's shearwater_common.c, it seems that we should get regular progress events throughout the download.

Could you put some debug printfs in the event_cb() function in Subsurface's libdivecomputer.c ? Something like the patch below

I'd be curious what values you get from that... "

Henrik says:

"An individual 0-100% progress for each dive is OK. The problem was that the progress disappeared after a few dives had been imported. With Dirk's debug line it becomes obvious why:

progress 0 of 1540 progress 3 of 1540 progress 131 of 1540 [...] progress 1539 of 1540 progress 1540 of 1540 progress 0 of 1540 progress 3 of 1540 progress 131 of 1540 progress 259 of 1540 [...] progress 1539 of 1540 progress 1540 of 1540 progress 0 of 16777219 progress 3 of 16777219 progress 147 of 16777219 progress 291 of 16777219 progress 435 of 16777219 [...] progress 2595 of 16777219 progress 2596 of 16777219 progress 0 of 16777219 progress 3 of 16777219 progress 147 of 16777219 [...]

16777219 is 224 + 3. Sounds magical."

Jef says:

"This is a (known) bug in libdivecomputer. Instead of a global progress for the entire download, the petrel backend reports progress for each individual dive. So the progress bar will go from 0 to 100% for every dive. Due to the fact that the size of a dive isn't known in advance, we have to assume the worst case value (0xFFFFFF). But in practice a dive is usually much smaller, and thus the progress bar will stay near zero. "

"That 224 - 1 (or 0xFFFFFF) is the worst case value I mentioned in my previous email. The Petrel protocol contains a 24bit length in the request packets. But because a dive has a variable length and that length isn't known in advance, you are supposed to set this field to its maximum value. The extra 4 bytes are protocol overhead. "

So, maybe we'll have to guess? Reproducible with subsurface/master 2923329e8e and libdivecomputer/Subsurface-testing 3bd3f3a1f2

#838 Add a "broken image" icon. new task minor Qt-UI 4.4.1 2 years atdotde

When a dive contains images that cannot be loaded, currently only an empty border is displayed. Catch that case and display a broken image.

Hint: You probably want to add that to the SHashedImage class. Make sure it does not get cached.

#842 Free text search in notes new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 2 years glance

This was a suggestion from Harry Andersson that came on http://www.dykarna.nu/forum/tidig-julklapp-subsurface-43-397813/ (swedish).

He uses the notes field to note which species he saw during a dive, and would like to be able to search for dives containing such notes.

#855 cant download photos new defect minor Qt-UI 4.4.1 21 months mjausten
#860 filename with a dot doesnt get saved as intended for xml export in linux new defect minor Qt-UI 4.4.1 2 years drktrx

a filename with a '.' is not allowed in fedora/linux while exporting a file

open a log file, mark some dives, CTRL+E -> export the selected dives as Subsurface XML

this does not happen in windows. windows allows you to name a file as such "abc.pqr" and it will get saved as "abc.pqr.xml" please look at https://gist.github.com/aagarwal-gtr/766dc2a6b0f9191d4e52

#868 Actions that have disappeared from the Dive List panel. new defect minor Qt-UI 4.4.1 2 years jwhferguson

Dive List: Text from the user manual that does not currently function as described in the user manual (at least on my Ubuntu 14.4):

1) "By pressing _Ctl-F_ on the keyboard, a text box is opened at the top left hand of the *Dive List*.

Type the name of a dive site in this text box and the *Dive List* is immediately filtered to show only the dives for that site."

Context menu: 2) "Add a dive to the trip immediately above

Selected dives can be moved from the trip to which they belong and placed within the trip immediately above the currently active trip. To do this, select and right-click the dive(s) to bring up the context menu, and then select *Add dive(s) to trip immediately above*."

#876 MacDive import doesn't do location merges properly when more than one computer is present new defect minor File Import from other dive log current git - add SHA in description 22 months henrik

In the attached file I have dives where two computers were used at the same time. One of the dives have location info, the other haven't. It seems that the dive without location info is winning after the merge.

SHA: 0e78915

#890 Wierd / broken data on save to git repo on windows. new defect minor Qt-UI 4.4.2 2 years glance

I tested to add: diff --git a/2015/06/17-Testsite/00-Trip b/2015/06/17-Testsite/00-Trip index d040428..c32e4b3 100644 --- a/2015/06/17-Testsite/00-Trip +++ b/2015/06/17-Testsite/00-Trip @@ -1,3 +1,4 @@

date 2015-06-17 time 12:16:08 location "Test site"

+notes "Add test note to trip"

in the notes field of a git repo on windows and hit save, and the attached patch is what save-git.c produced. There are some quite disturbing things in there.

#896 Adding a new location in Notes only works if a different field is selected before saving new defect minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 2 years henrik

(1) Find a dive without location (2) Select the location field, enter some random name (3) Select "Apply changes"

Result: The location name isn't saved

Workaround: Select the Divemaster field before selecting Apply Changes. Now the location name is saved.

Build 33a7e5c on MacOSX 10.10.x

#900 Add zoom bar to map new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 2 years henrik

It can be quite difficult to zoom the map in and out with the mouse, at least on my Mac.

A zoom bar (or even just a box with +/-) would have been awesome.

This is not a new problem, I think the map has been difficult to use for some time..

Build 33a7e5c on MacOSX 10.10.4

#901 Get rid of the button bar on the profile new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 2 years henrik

The button bar needs to go:

  • it takes to much realestate
  • it's difficult to see if something is enabled or not
  • the icons aren't allways that easy to understand. That's not necessarily because the icons are bad, it's just that it is difficult to convey the button function graphically.

Instead just use a menu: The little overflow menu at the bottom of the button bar is very good!

  • it has descriptive text
  • it's easy to see if it's enabled or not
  • it has cute icons :)

I propose to *just* have the overflow menu, maybe as shown on the screenshot.

Build 33a7e5c on MacOSX 10.10.4

#919 Printing problems: spacing of axes and equipment information. new defect minor Qt-UI 4.4.2 22 months jwhferguson

SHA g2c4ae23 Two issues with respect to printing profiles:

1) See attached screendump. There is not enough space to the left of and below the profile. Consequently the depth values on the Y-axis and the time values on the X-axis are mostly not shown or only partially shown.

2) The printed version does not provide any information about equipment, e.g. the type of cylinder(s) used and the type and amount of weighting(s) used. This information can easily be included in the panel to the left of the profile because there is lots of spare space.

#930 Multi user support - allow master view that sees ALL data new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 22 months DirkHH

So if you select "master account" it loads the data for all divers and puts them into separate trips. And then some of our existing code for giving statistics gets re-used in meaningful ways.

#931 Add filtering by dive computer nickname new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 22 months DirkHH
#932 Add tags based on string values, controlled by an XML file new enhancement minor Divecomputer Download current git - add SHA in description 22 months DirkHH

Something like this: <match><key>Serial</key><value>12345678</value><tag>ID for serial 12345678</tag></match> <match><key>Deco model</key><value>ZH-L16-GF</value><tag>ZHLF</tag></match> <match><key>desat time</key><value option="gt">12:00</value><tag>DesatAbove12h</tag></match>

So when we ownload dives from the dive computer, this can automatically add tags.

The XML file may have to be edited by hand so the UI impact isn't too big. Just something to enable the feature and tell Subsurface where to find the XML file

#941 Unable to change time value in a manually entered dive (no white dots) new defect minor Windows Support 4.4.2 21 months akronyme

I'm unable to edit a manually entered dive. There is no whites dots as in "planify a dive" or so.

#944 Copying "Dive plan details" from planner as plain text results in broken formatting new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 15 months adamel

When copying Dive plan details and pasting it into a text editor (tested emacs and Windows 10 notepad) I get unformatted text with linebreaks everywhere:

Subsurface dive plan
based on VPM-B at +2 conservatism


CNS: 43%
OTU: 87

If on the other hand I paste it into MS Word I get formatting identical to the original, including bold and colors, and if I then copy the text from MS Word and paste into emacs I get a nice ASCII table with tab separated columns:

Subsurface dive plan
based on VPM-B at +2 conservatism

depth	duration	runtime	gas
33m	2min	2min	EAN32
32m	38min	40min	 
6m	4min	44min	 
6m	7min	51min	oxygen
0m	1min	52min	 

CNS: 43%
OTU: 87

Subsurface should also be able to do the right thing when pasting the dive plan details into a text editor.

#946 Retrieve Details in Dive Computer Preferences fails with Petrel new defect minor Divecomputer Download 4.5.0 19 months GreatLakesWreckDiver

Tried to retrieve details and Petrel displays - SLIP RX: Timeout. The Petrel will then exit from log retrieval.

Running Firmware V29 on Petrel hardware 2.1.0. Connecting via Bluetooth.

#947 Companion Apps should record surface pressure as well new enhancement minor Companion App (Android (deprecated)/iOS) 4.5.0 21 months atdotde

Recent mobile devices (IPhones 6 and later, Android since 2.3) have a sensor for ambient pressure. We should record its value along with the gps trac to set the ambient pressure for the dive.

API information:

iOS: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/CoreMotion/Reference/CMAltitudeData_class/index.html#//apple_ref/occ/cl/CMAltitudeData

Android: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/sensors/sensors_overview.html

#948 Allow to attach other file types besides images new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.5.0 21 months atdotde

This is just a reminder ticket for a suggestion from the forum.

#949 "Stats Tab" and "Yearly statistics" Ehancement new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.4.2 16 months Exswede

Hi, I wonder if you could consider an enhancement to the "Stats Tab" and "Yearly statistics" views.

So they would split out "OC" and "CCR" dives, that would be a great way of keeping track of them and also as of now, my SAC average is 17L, but min is 1.5L ( from the CCR dives ) so doesn't really make sense...

Not sure if it also would make sense to split out "Air", "Nitrox" and "TRIMIX" in the OC section, as well in the CCR

Thanks in advance Anders

#951 ability to enter just depth and duration for a new dive new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.5.0 21 months DirkHH

simply create a rectangular profile

maybe this is "Add dive (depth & duration)" vs "Add dive (draw profile)"

#956 APD files new defect minor File Import from other dive log 4.5.0 20 months xiphias64

I use an AP diving evolution (vision software) I tried to download AP log file but Subsurface did not recognize the APD file as the extension are .ccl or .ccx (this are the files dowloaded using AP communicator) If I force to import via all files types it does not work and I have the message: unable to analyse file... Thanks for your help

#958 App crashes on UDFF file import new defect minor Windows Support 4.5.1 19 months zoranb

When I try and import dana in UDDF from Dive Organizer, the app becomes unresponsive and crashes after a while...

#964 Dive trip - change in date time new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.5.1 16 months gordan0810

Hello. is it possible to remove time from trip and have start date and end date of the trip?

If it is not possible to have end date, just to remove time, as this information is not relevant on multiple dive and date trips.

#965 dive location match as you type... could this match anywhere in the string? new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 20 months DirkHH

If you don't remember if the site was "A beach, Lake Ontario" or "Lake Ontario, a beach"

#966 Sub Surface 4.5.2 unable to import surface temp w/ suunto vyper new defect minor Divecomputer Download 4.5.1 20 months TT_Vert

I was able to w/ a previous version. As a test I downloaded Diving Log 6.0 and it pulled all air temps just fine so it is something in the software it appears. I am using an official Suunto cable also.

#969 Warning message "different number of gases (1) and tank (0)" new defect minor Divecomputer Download 4.5.1 20 months fbertin

Dear all,

When I'm downloading my dive , I got the following warning message "different number of gases (1) and tank (0)". I've looked in ticket DB and in the user Manuel but did not see any reason. This message seems not affecting the download as I 'm able to proceed My Computer is a "Mares Nemo Wide"

Thanks by advance

#972 dive site lookup based on geographic area and name - based on web service new enhancement minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 19 months DirkHH

a) user enters information where they are diving (this could be "for this trip" or something along those lines, or it could be when working on a specific dive site). The information could be textual, but I think that's way too complicated. So maybe it's easier if we ask the user to use the globe to show a rectangular area that encloses where the dives are. So the user can pan and scroll until the right area is shown and then click "this is where I'm diving"

b) now the user tries to set the location of a specific dive site; they enter a name or partial name. We use the dive site data base lookup to populate both a drop down list and the Marble display (the globe) with dive sites that match the partial name. If nothing is entered, all dive sites in the area are shown

c) the user picks one of the sites (either on the globe or in the drop down

d) success

#976 CSV import on MacOS fails - assumes wrong type of line delimiter new defect minor Qt-UI 4.5.1 19 months csteinbeck

CSV files exported from EXCEL on MacOS are not properly imported since line breaks are not detected. Conversion to CRLF with a text editor fixes the issue but many users will probably not be aware of this issue and not be able to fix it.

#977 unable to paste cloud credentials assigned defect minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 16 months landstander

I use a password manager (keepassdroid in this case), and as a result typically paste my ID and password when configuring an app. Normally long-pressing an input field will bring up the option to paste (assuming the clipboard has been populated), but that doesn't occur on the cloud credentials page. As far as I can tell, it isn't possible to paste values there.

It's possible this affects other screens as well. With cloud logon currently broken (Dirk mentioned this on the mailing list today, so it's a known issue), I haven't had the opportunity to do much poking around yet.

I'm testing the daily build, using a Nexus 6P running Android 6.0 (MDB08L - current stock release).

#995 New cylinder disappears when adding gas change new defect minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 17 months miika


  • Add a new cylinder with proper configuration (e.g. pressures and O2)
  • Do not click the apply changes yet.
  • Add gas change on profile.
  • The info on new cylinder is cleared.
  • When hitting the Apply changes, also the new cylinder disappears as being not in use (if you do not want to see unused cylinders)

(We have also a report on scubaboard where the user claims that the gas consumption graph of the new cylinder is added but disappears when clicking Apply changes.)

#999 delete additionally added cylinder new defect minor Qt-UI 4.5.3 17 months Mateng

I can't delete a cylinder/tank by clicking on the bin icon. (In the weight section it works very well)

#1008 build.sh doesn't create a running mobile executable on OSX new defect minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 17 months henrik

After running build.sh, I'm unable to start Subsurface-mobile:

$ Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/MacOS/Subsurface-mobile 

QML import path ("/Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Frameworks", "/Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/MacOS")
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
qrc:///qml/main.qml:3 module "QtQuick.Controls.Styles" is not installed
qrc:///qml/main.qml:2 module "QtQuick.Controls" is not installed
qrc:///qml/main.qml:5 module "QtQuick.Dialogs" is not installed
qrc:///qml/main.qml:4 module "QtQuick.Window" is not installed
qrc:///qml/main.qml:7 module "QtQuick.Window" is not installed
qrc:///qml/main.qml:6 module "QtQuick.Layouts" is not installed
qrc:///qml/main.qml:1 module "QtQuick" is not installed

can't create window object
/Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/MacOS/Subsurface-mobile exited with code 1

But if I run make install in the build-mobile folder afterwards, it works:

$ make install
[  1%] Automatic moc for target Subsurface-mobile
[  1%] Built target Subsurface-mobile_automoc
[  2%] Automatic moc for target subsurface_corelib
[  2%] Built target subsurface_corelib_automoc
[  2%] Built target version
[ 37%] Built target subsurface_corelib
[ 37%] Automatic moc for target subsurface_models
[ 37%] Built target subsurface_models_automoc
[ 51%] Built target subsurface_models
[ 52%] Automatic moc for target subsurface_profile
[ 52%] Built target subsurface_profile_automoc
[ 60%] Built target subsurface_profile
[ 65%] Built target Subsurface-mobile
[ 65%] Built target documentationLink
[ 65%] Built target documentation
[ 65%] Built target printing_templatesLink
[ 65%] Built target themeLink
[ 81%] Built target translations
[ 81%] Automatic moc for target TestDiveSiteDuplication
[ 81%] Built target TestDiveSiteDuplication_automoc
[ 83%] Built target TestDiveSiteDuplication
[ 83%] Automatic moc for target TestGitStorage
[ 83%] Built target TestGitStorage_automoc
[ 85%] Built target TestGitStorage
[ 86%] Automatic moc for target TestGpsCoords
[ 86%] Built target TestGpsCoords_automoc
[ 88%] Built target TestGpsCoords
[ 88%] Automatic moc for target TestParse
[ 88%] Built target TestParse_automoc
[ 90%] Built target TestParse
[ 90%] Automatic moc for target TestPlan
[ 90%] Built target TestPlan_automoc
[ 92%] Built target TestPlan
[ 93%] Automatic moc for target TestProfile
[ 93%] Built target TestProfile_automoc
[ 95%] Built target TestProfile
[ 96%] Automatic moc for target TestRenumber
[ 96%] Built target TestRenumber_automoc
[ 97%] Built target TestRenumber
[ 97%] Automatic moc for target TestUnitConversion
[ 97%] Built target TestUnitConversion_automoc
[100%] Built target TestUnitConversion
Install the project...
-- Install configuration: "Debug"
-- Up-to-date: /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources/data/maps
-- Up-to-date: /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources/data/maps/earth
-- Up-to-date: /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources/data/maps/earth/googlemaps
-- Up-to-date: /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources/data/maps/earth/googlemaps/0
-- Up-to-date: /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources/data/maps/earth/googlemaps/0/0
-- Up-to-date: /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources/translations/qt_sk.qm
-- Up-to-date: /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources/translations/qt_sv.qm
-- Up-to-date: /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources/translations/qt_zh_TW.qm
-- Up-to-date: /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources/gpl-2.0.txt
WARNING: Plugin "libqsqlodbc.dylib" uses private API and is not Mac App store compliant.
WARNING: Plugin "libqsqlpsql.dylib" uses private API and is not Mac App store compliant.
ERROR: no file at "/opt/local/lib/mysql55/mysql/libmysqlclient.18.dylib"
ERROR: no file at "/usr/local/lib/libpq.5.dylib"
cp: cannot overwrite directory /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Frameworks/QtXml.framework/Resources with non-directory /Applications/Qt/5.5/clang_64/lib/QtXml.framework/Resources
cp: cannot overwrite directory /Users/henrik/src/subsurface-project/subsurface/build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Frameworks/QtXml.framework/Versions/Current with non-directory /Applications/Qt/5.5/clang_64/lib/QtXml.framework/Versions/Current
-- two ERRORS here about libmysqlclient and libpq not found are harmless

Here's the diff between the build-mobile folder before and after the make install:

$ diff -r build-mobile.first build-mobile
Only in build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/PlugIns: quick
Only in build-mobile/Subsurface-mobile.app/Contents/Resources: qml

Using latest git: a4ec520

#1016 dark theme new enhancement minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 16 months landstander

I find that dark text on a white background causes me a great deal of eyestrain. It would be very helpful if Subsurface-mobile were to add a dark theme as an option at some point.

#1032 Add password reset feature for Cloud storage accounts new enhancement minor Cloud Storage 4.5.3 15 months DirkHH
#1034 should we have a dialog asking the user if they want to use cloud storage as default when they store to cloud storage the first time? new enhancement minor Qt-UI 4.5.4 15 months DirkHH

I wouldn't nag every time they do it. First time we ask and if they say no we tell them where to change the setting if they change their mind.

#1035 Pages sometimes shifted slightly to the right on Subsurface-mobile new defect minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 15 months DirkHH

Don't know how to reproduce, yet, this is mostly a placeholder. Maybe revisit after the re-factor of Kirigami?

#1036 Tab on Bluetooth keyboard does not move between form fields on iOS new enhancement minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) 15 months sireland

When using a Bluetooth keyboard with Subsurface-mobile, the Tab key adds whitespace to the field text instead of moving to the next field. This has been observed both on the cloud credentials form and on the ad

The Return key simply takes the focus away from the form; perhaps this should also perform some form navigation function (e.g. form submission if used in last field).

#1039 white screen during scrolling through the dive list new defect minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 15 months Mateng

During scrolling through the dive list - and cross a grouped and closed trip - the dive list disappears. Touch the screen one moment later the dive list jumped. (e.g. I scroll from dive 200 upwards and run into the "white screen" I'm back every time nearly dive 10)

#1040 Navigation help for long lists new enhancement minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) 4.5.4 15 months divelogs

A navigation help in the list (like the letters in the phone app) on the right hand side. Display steps of 100s or 50s (instead of letters) so i can jump to specific "areas" of my list. Scrolling 750 dives does take a while. Screenshot from ohter app attached that has this feature

#1041 Statistics new enhancement minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) 4.5.4 15 months divelogs

show statistics on countries, buddies, dive spots, etc. with a count for each. From there, allow access to the single dives with that creiteria fulfilled.

Screenshots attached to explain what I mean

#1042 search in app new enhancement minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) 4.5.4 15 months divelogs

I'd love a search feature, that filters the dive list to only those dives matching the entered phrase. Access the search field by pushing down the dive list when at the top

#1043 autocomplete for text input boxes new enhancement minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 15 months DirkHH

location, dive master, buddy, suit

#1057 Sync Subsurface-mobile with divelogs.de new enhancement minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 15 months DirkHH

This should be quite straight forward to do, all the code should be there. It may need a little refactoring and of course it needs a UI, but other than that... easy.

#1058 Swiping between dives in landscape often brings you back to the dive list new defect minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 15 months DirkHH

Reported by Scott Ireland "Navigation through dives by swiping left/right still fails on iPad Air in landscape orientation (jumps back to dive list). Works correctly in portrait orientation. Also seems to fail now on iPhone 6 in landscape (I thought this tested OK before, but doesn't now) - although it's intermittent. Was able to reproduce by moving around between the dive list and different dives, as well as between landscape and portrait orientations." I was able to reproduce this

#1061 grid layout of dive detail view completely broken in German translation new defect minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) 4.5.6 14 months Mateng

On my HTC One M8 with the current version ( the scaling of the dive details doesn't work correctly. Please see the attachment. Only in portrait display orientation. Landscape orientation works perfect. On my ASUS ZenPad? S 8.0 everything is fine...

#1063 New fields for CSV import new enhancement minor Other 4.5.6 14 months miika

Add some fields for CSV import as discussed on https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/subsurface-divelog/b10673c4-07c4-4745-bb03-329eed23086d%40googlegroups.com?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer

#1065 Dive location notes aren't saved new defect minor Qt-UI 4.5.6 14 months maxillis

I'm trying to save a description of a wreck I recently dived to the 'Notes' field of the Location/ Dive Site tab. When I click 'apply changes' the UI returns to the dive notes tab, but when I click on the globe next to the location my changes are lost

#1066 Set a dive location new defect minor Qt-UI 4.5.6 13 months marc.collin

I try without success to set a dive location.

I move the map, and ouble-click to set the live location, but the orange bar alway stay on top.

#1072 QML UI - opening a map fails when running localized new defect minor Subsurface-mobile app (Android/iOS) current git - add SHA in description 13 months DirkHH

Using 'O' for "Ost" instead of 'E' for "East" apparently confuses Google Maps

#1082 Wisdom1 doesn't import O2 setting new defect minor Divecomputer Download 4.5.6 12 months h2sk1

The O2 setting is not being imported from my Sherwood Wisdom 1 computer in Subsurface. I provided Jef Drieson with a dumpfile, and he sent back an XML file. The XML file did contain the O2 info and it was properly imported into Subsurface when I read the XML file, so the problem is probably not in the libdivecomputer software.

Dumpfile attached

#1087 Tissue graph not drawn new defect minor Qt-UI current git - add SHA in description 10 months glance

In current master, 4.5.2-1501-g8c2668a6b1d3 the tissue graph is'nt drawn when clicking the "Toggle tissue graph" button. There is space made for it in the profile, but no graph is drawn in that area.

#1090 Max depth wrong for manually edited/entered dives new defect minor Qt-UI 4.5.6 10 months gmwagain

The max depth as displayed in the dive list does not get recalculated when the dive profile is entered/edited manually. At least for non-computer dives, it should be recalculated based upon the entered/edited profile.

I am uncertain I have identified the correct "Component" below.

I'm running on Ubuntu 14.04 Linux.

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